harlequin Sofa Set


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harlequin sofa set is unique in its color and design . It is shaped in such a way to give you long time comfort sitting without cracking your bone.


Sofa Set : 3 +1 + 1
Finish : light greet soft jute imported fabric ( fabric color depends on availability)
Foam: 10 Year Master Molty
Structure : A+ Grade Solid Teak Wood
Treatment : Seasoned wo0d , Termite Free


--> Premium Quality Wood
--> Fine Finishing
--> Termite Free
--> Tailored to fit your interior

Furniture Delivery Time : 15-40 Days ( depending on current order queue )
Delivery Charges apply according to Shipment Location.Fabric can be customised with additional charges.

Nestled gracefully within the room, the light green sofa stands as a captivating piece of furniture. Its soothing hue invokes a sense of tranquility, seamlessly merging with the surrounding decor. The plush cushions promise comfort, inviting anyone to sink in and unwind. Crafted with meticulous detail, the sofa exudes an air of elegance, its design showcasing both style and functionality. The gentle green tone breathes life into the space, creating a harmonious balance with the other furniture pieces. Whether for leisurely lounging or engaging conversations, this remarkable green sofa proves to be a focal point that marries aesthetics with relaxation in the most enchanting manner.

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